Often, users forget the username and password that are needed to control the router. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then do not despair, as the solution is quite simple. Today we will tell you how to restore this data and continue to operate the device in normal mode.

You can find ordinary username and password set by the manufacturer in the technical documentation for the equipment used. Also, this data is present on the back of the router, where the serial number of the device and other user information is located. If you do not find this sticker on the device, then you will need to study the accompanying documentation for the router, which is included with the equipment.

Without exception, all routers have a username and password established by default by the supplier. If you cannot access this information, after that it is worth establishing the basic data for your router, knowing its IP address. If you have accessibility to the Internet, after that, it will not be challenging to find details on going into the settings of the router, understanding only its manufacturer as well as model. You will require to select your gadget from the presented listing of routers, and afterwards, you will certainly have the ability to get the details you require to enter the device settings.


It happens that the methods described above for some reason cannot be used in practice. You can reset the router to factory settings, but in this case, all network settings will have to be re-entered. If you configured the parental control function or used other capabilities of your equipment, you will have to configure it again. There is a data reset button on the router, which must be pressed and held for ten seconds. When the button is released, the device will instantly reset all user settings to factory defaults.

After that, the router will reboot. In some devices, the reset button is recessed in the case, and to press it, and you need a clip or a needle. The process of cancelling user settings will remain unchanged. After resetting these settings, you can log in using the username and password, which are used by default, and then configure the settings you need. The button is often located behind the pinhole – this is protection against accidental pressing.

Using the direct port

Users can forward ports without authorisation data to configure the router to their needs. You can use UPnP technology for this. If your device supports this technology, then there will not be any difficulties, since it can automatically open ports. Using this feature, you can use the router without access to the login and password, access to which was lost, and there is no need to reset the device settings.