is one of the standard addresses of D-Link and Netgear routers. The address list also includes or This gateway is suitable for assigning an IPv4 network address, which is often used by routers of the presented models by default.

Remember: This address should only be used on one device on a shared network to avoid a conflict between the addresses of the equipment.

Login to

  1. You can access your router – copy the provided address into your browser and press “Enter”.
  2. The page will display the login panel, in the fields of which you need to enter the password and username. Don’t remember your login details? No problem. Our list of passwords and usernames set by default on routers of different brands will help you with this. Find the name of your model in the table, and enter them in the fields of the management console.
  3. If the password has approached, you can go into the settings of your router and change the data to your own. How to do it? We will tell you now.

By going to the admin panel, you get full access to all device settings. Set your routing, DNS, IP address allocation, and so on.

Did something go wrong? Can’t access

First of all, you should check if your router matches this address. Check the spelling of the IP code – sometimes you can mistakenly dial or insert the letter: 192.168.Ol. Still unable to log in? Please carefully review the list of our IP addresses suitable for your device model. You may also encounter a login error with a particular operating system. Our articles on logging in from Windows, Mac, and other operating systems will help you figure this out.

A firewall or antivirus may block another reason for the log on the problem on It should be turned off before starting to work with the router.

List of Router Users and Passwords

Use our complete list of administrator names and passwords for different brands of routers:

Modem BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

How to change the password on the router?

You already know how to access the router management console through a browser by entering the desired address in the URL bar. Having found the default password and username in our list, you can go into all the settings of the device. Then, look for a tab called Administration. Go to the presented interface, click on the “Change Password” button, enter the new data twice to confirm the password change.