is the Class A IP address used by the router manufacturing facilities as the default gateway address for their routers. You can utilise this IP address to configure your very own network, yet it has to be unique by yourself neighbourhood network.

Just how to go into the router using

To access this portal, open your web browser and also go into Press the enter button, and also a two-line login home window will certainly show up on display, where you should enter your username and password.

  1. If you don’t recognise where to discover information regarding passwords as well as users for the brand name of your router, then look in our list. If you still can not find your password, visit our default router password list.
  2. Select the “Network” section on the display screen of your menu.
  3. You can use Dial-up/ DSL or other strategies available in the devices guidebook to configure the network. Go into the username as well as password got from your network company.
  4. Google gives DNS and
  5. The default username and also password for the router.
  6. Check the username and password of any router in the list below:
Modem BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

Not able to attach to

This IP address stands for the local side of the cordless Internet accessibility point link. As soon as the customer devices are linked to the local area network (LAN), the address will be defined in the setups of the TCP/ IP network gateway. You can use the ping energy to discover if a tool on the neighbourhood network is proactively making use of

Common issues:

Inaccurate tool address job as well as a non-responsive gateway device. This is the case when your router makes use of a various IP address. You can find the IP entrance of your router here.
On WI-Fi networks, clients link to the portal via the network name (SSID), and also the needed IP address settings are applied to the client automatically. Many various other networks additionally depend on the automatic job of customer addresses.